Lebanese Wedding Venues

Lebanese Wedding Reception Venues in Sydney


Cue your grand entrance - Zaffe drummers, belly dancers, bridal party entourage, exotic cars and internal fireworks! Let's make your Arabic, Lebanese, Assyrian, Egyptian, Iraqi or Mediterranean wedding reception the event of all events. Arabic/Lebanese weddings are extravagant and bold. You, like us, do not believe in less is more, because more is better! The grander, the more beautiful, the more fun and outrageous, the better the wedding will be. For that reason, it is important to partner with a wedding reception venue that understands cultural traditions. The HIGHLINE Venue would be thrilled to work with you and your family to meet your every need.


The HIGHLINE Venue is an opulent venue that can play host to the Arabic/Lebanese wedding you have always dreamt of and be the envy of your guests. Whether it is for pre-wedding celebrations, dinner reception or after party, we have the ballrooms to suit any need or budget.


The HIGHLINE Venue ballrooms (Marble, Ruby, Gold, Sky, Emerald & Sapphire) are designed to be flexible and functional for events of all sizes. We adhere to all requirements including current NSW wedding regulations, making The HIGHLINE Venue the perfect wedding venue for Arabic, Lebanese, Assyrian, Egyptian, Iraqi or Mediterranean weddings in Sydney.



- Our ballrooms can accommodate seating from 80 to 1,500 guests
- Our private rooms can accommodate seating for up to 40 guests
- Our bar and lounge areas can accommodate up to 100 guests seated, or for cocktail parties of up to 170


Our impressive service does not stop with our ballrooms, we have the banquets to match it too. Your culinary experience with our flavourful Mediterranean dishes including plentiful mezza will be one made from a strong emphasis on seasonality and sourcing of the best and freshest produce.