Lebanese Wedding Venues

Lebanese Wedding Reception Venue in Sydney


Cue your grand entrance: Zaffe drummers, belly dancers, bridal party entourage, exotic cars and internal fireworks! Like us, you do not believe that less is more—because more is always better! Arabic or Lebanese weddings are extravagant and bold. The grander, the more fun and outrageous, and the more beautiful, the better! When you're looking to have this type of wedding, it only makes sense to partner with a Lebanese wedding venue that understands these cultural traditions.

Let us make your Arabic, Lebanese, Assyrian, Egyptian, Iraqi or Mediterranean wedding reception the event of all events. The HIGHLINE Venue would be thrilled to work with you and your family to plan the Arabic wedding of your dreams.


Relish in the Extravagance


The HIGHLINE Venue is an opulent Lebanese wedding venue in Australia that can play host to the all-out ethnic wedding you have been dreaming of, that will be the envy of your guests. The grand ballrooms at the HIGHLINE Venue are renowned for their luxurious and detailed designs. Every ballroom features floor-to-ceiling window bays, art deco palatial wall facades, burgundy carpet, and a large 24K gold chandelier in the centre of the dance floor.


If you are also looking for a venue to host an engagement party or bridal shower in the lead-up, or the wedding ceremony, dinner reception or rehearsal, we have the ballrooms to suit any need or budget.


All the ballrooms at the HIGHLINE Venue (Marble, Ruby, Gold, Sky, Emerald & Sapphire) are designed to be flexible and functional for events of all sizes. Allowing you and your event coordinator to personalise any room to meet your exact vision. 



Ruby Ballroom : 100 - 210 Banquet or 250 - 450 Cocktail

Emerald Ballroom200 - 350 Banquet or 500 - 1000 Cocktail

Sapphire Ballroom: 250 - 600 Banquet or 800 - 1500 Cocktail

Sky Ballroom : 160 - 290 Banquet or 350 - 700 Cocktail


Every ballroom at the HIGHLINE Venue also includes its own bridal room to get ready, a bar and lounge, a private terrace, and an exclusive pre-dinner foyer for guests to wait before the reception dinner.


We also offer private dining rooms and bar & lounge rooms separately to host smaller pre-wedding events. 


Indulge in a Mediterranean Feast


The HIGHLINE experience does not stop with our glamorous ballrooms—we have the banquets to match it too. Your culinary experience at our Lebanese wedding venues in Sydney will be filled with flavourful Mediterranean dishes (including plentiful Mezza like labneh, hommus, tabouleh, olives, etc). Our chefs cook with a strong emphasis on seasonality, sourcing only the best and freshest produce for your Mediterranean feast.


We offer different customisable food and beverage packages to help satisfy all your guests.


We celebrate all cultures and have proudly played host to many Mediterranean weddings. Let us make your special occasion that much more special—with the perfect venue for the big day. 


It's time to begin planning the wedding of your dreams.