Business Showcase Event

Business Showcase Events in Western Sydney


Get your community around your business. Get the locals and like-minded people that want to partner with you excited.


Hosting a business showcase event is the perfect way to kickstart the loyal fanbase that your company both needs and deserves. The HIGHLINE Venue offers the perfect event space to host a business showcase event in Sydney with wide-spanning ballrooms, ceiling to floor window bays, large capacity to seat or host standing guests cocktail style, and high ceilings with rigging points to create a ceiling display with that ‘wow’ factor as soon as guests come in.


The HIGHLINE is the perfect venue space for Corporate Events, Christmas Parties, or when you just want to put on a show.






The HIGHLINE Venue truly gives you the space to be unique. With a 1500 guest capacity, it’s really a lot of space.


- Set up unique signage and displays

- Excite with bright banners

- Customise the mood or aesthetic quickly with lighting

- Create an ‘experience’ that your guests will never forget


We have the floor space, the event planning team, the facilities, and connections to local vendors to make your desired aesthetic or vision for your business showcase event happen.


Make the presentations of your speakers more immersive with state-of-the-art entertainment and audio equipment with surround sound by Showtime Productions. Let your guests build a personal connection.




Ignite creativity in your guests, stakeholders AND your workers with creative experiences that immerse. Masterclasses, workshops, and new ways to present speakers give a great way to let the community meet the talented minds behind your company, your vision, and the ethos you stand for. As well as to demonstrate any products for their use, conduct market research or present the insights your company has learned on a hot topic.


It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your business’s products and services in a whole new light, in an exciting setting. 


Book your business showcase event. Our event staff has worked with many business owners to get everything just right.





Inspire innovation in your industry, put a finger to the pulse of what’s happening and celebrate the efforts of your industry’s leaders.


Industry business showcase events help and highlight the efforts of everyone in your industry. Giving everyone the opportunity to stand out, introduce themselves or their game plans, and connect with each other or other people in the community.


Start planning the next trade show or exhibit in your industry.   




Support and empower your local business community with the opportunity to introduce themselves, their products or services to interested local stakeholders. Entering business events is a powerful marketing strategy for many businesses. The HIGHLINE is passionate about working with local councils and government agencies to help put a spotlight on the incredible businesses in the community.


Book your business showcase event in Western Sydney.