Asian Wedding Venues

Chinese & Asian Wedding Reception Venues in Sydney


Here at The HIGHLINE Venue, we celebrate all cultures and excitedly host various Asian weddings. Whether it's Vietnamese, South East Asian, Korean or Chinese weddings. We are committed to make your vision come true.


Asian weddings traditionally happen over several events that consist of the civil ceremony, tea ceremony and much anticipated, authentic Asian banquet. Once the legal ceremony is through, families and friends assemble for a feast and the real festivities begin! The HIGHLINE Venue can help you with all events so you can stress less and just worry about what pre-wedding games are planned!



We are driven to deliver unique and memorable experiences to every person who steps into our venue, making it the perfect asian wedding reception venue. Our commitment to all our guests is to showcase an idyllic setting alongside a strong emphasis to provide quality and friendly service. We understand that the asian wedding banquet is a celebration of the bride and groom’s union and journey forth as a married couple, therefore our in-house team of experienced chefs specialise in authentic Chinese banquets using the freshest of produce and local seafood. We have 3 wedding banquet packages to choose from - Jade, Pearl & Imperial. You can also have the option to tailor create your very own banquet to suit your taste and budget. Whichever you choose, your guests are sure to be impressed!



The HIGHLINE Venue ballrooms (Marble, Ruby, Gold, Sky, Emerald & Sapphire) are designed to be flexible and functional for events of all sizes. We adhere to all requirements including current NSW wedding regulations, making The HIGHLINE Venue the perfect wedding venue for Vietnamese, Chinese, South East Asian or Korean weddings in Sydney. You'll have more than enough space for a spectacular lion dance too!


- Our ballrooms can accommodate seating from 80 to 1,500 guests

- Our private rooms can accommodate seating for up to 40 guests

- Our bar and lounge areas can accommodate up to 100 guests seated, or for cocktail parties of up to 170


Our dedicated team at The HIGHLINE Venue would like to sincerely thank you for considering our services and to continue to be the premier location for Asian weddings and dinner receptions in Sydney. Please contact us for an appointment, where we can discuss your dream and present you with a tailored quote.