Banchetto by HIGHLINE

Classic Italian Restaurant, Western Sydney

Taste the love that goes into our classic Italian food made fresh daily! Feel the warmth of our staff’s hospitality as soon as you enter, with gregarious service, a fully stocked wine bar and our crowd-pleasing menu.


Banchetto is opening its doors to multidimensional flavours and tasty rustic Italian cuisine in a sleek contemporary setting.


Casual social affairs and time spent together is at the heart of Western Sydney. And here, our team brings this all together with a beautiful setting, attentive staff and our love for traditional Italian food - so that you can enjoy your time with family and friends, for the significant events and the small.


At The HIGHLINE, we’re makers of memories. That is why we’ve decided to take some of the best Italian food from our venue into a walk-in Italian restaurant that’s always easy to access.


4 Mins from the Station

We’re inviting you to come in and sample Italian food that has made many of our guests fall in love with Banhcetto by HIGHLINE. It’s so easy to get here, with only a short 4 min stroll from Bankstown station or convenient parking inside Bankstown RSL.

Why Banchetto?

With many of our patrons reminiscing fondly of the Italian food experienced at The HIGHLINE’s Venue at weddings and other function room events attended, Banchetto was born.


We decided to make it easier to enjoy your favourite Italian cuisine in a whole new, relaxed setting.


‘Banchetto’, meaning ‘banquet’ in Italian, is the perfect word to encapsulate the origin of our Italian restaurant. On top of the delicious, mouth-watering dishes made by our chefs, we wanted to create a space in Western Sydney for families, friends, couples and workmates to enjoy the good times together.


That is why we give our guests the option to dine in banquet style, tapas-style, or a la carte - letting you best enjoy the good times with loved ones. Whether one-on-one, a small party or a larger group.

Authentic Italian: Sourced Local, Made Fresh

The start of beautiful, tasty Italian food begins with quality ingredients. Therefore, our chefs don’t hold back when it comes to ensuring fresh, high-quality produce from local suppliers for all our dishes.


From there, we focus on tomato sauces; pizza toppings and indulgent pastas. As well as our Italian pizza dough and spicy Italian sausage, all made in house. This drive gives our restaurant another level of quality and depth of flavour that sets us apart.


Treat yourself and your loved ones to a taste of authentic Italian pasta, rustic wood-fired pizzas, and other modern Italian dishes in beef, lamb, chicken and fish. One of our guests favourites is our antipasto boards and temptingly thick chocolate mousse.

Enjoy Italian Food, Served in Communal Banquet Style

Banquet style dining is plated and served in a periodic set menu, making everything feel a little more special. Served through entrees, dinner and dessert that everyone can share, Italian banquet food creates a communal experience around taste.


Letting you roam on an enjoyable journey from field mushrooms filled with risotto Bianco, to Diavola pizza or prawn linguini. And turning a once simple night into a more elevated affair.


Classic Italian Grazing

On top of our Italian banquet food menus, Banchetto is also famous for its grazing platter experience. One of the trendiest ways to experience dining with friends and loved ones.


At Banchetto, we help you truly experience the flavours of Italian grazing with an antipasto platter with deli meats like our dry-aged prosciutto, bresaola and salami, complete with seasoned olives and some of Italy’s favourite cheeses; Parmigiano and mortadella. Perfect for entertaining, start with perfect drinks from on our wine list for a cocktail-style dining experience to warm up the palate before the main course or for some added flavour alongside other dishes.

Your Sumptuous Feast Awaits

Experience true Italian dishes that have made many luxe weddings and birthdays in Western Sydney special. Try our classic Italian pasta - chicken pesto penne or linguine. Or maybe try our succulent slow-cooked lamb shank, kingfish or Margherita pizza and our crisp Insalata Caprese salad drizzled in extra virgin olive oil.


Our authentic modern Italian menu offers beloved rustic flavours to excite your palate. Banchetto’s banquet food will not disappoint.


Why not invite friends and family? It’s time to have an Italian feast!


Banchetto by HIGHLINE is the one-stop destination for any lunch, dinner, birthday, special occasion or corporate function. Our Italian restaurant welcomes walk-ins looking for a spontaneous but delicious dinner, as well as two-person or group bookings.


For group bookings & private events at Banchetto, call 1800 898 889 or contact us to book for your event.